14 Million National IDs Delivered in Total, Got Yours Yet?

That's 20% of total who registered for PhilID card.
Photo/s: Jerome Ascaño

The Philippines' postmaster-general said the agency has delivered nearly all of the 14.8 million National IDs that are up for dispatch, as millions who applied for the card endure months of waiting for deliveries.

Postmaster General Normal Fulgencio, who is in charge of PHLPost, said 14.03 million of the total 14.8 million marked "up for delivery" have been dispatched. That represents 20% of the 68.3 million people who registered for a national ID.

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Asked to comment on the delay in the distribution of National IDs, Fulgencio said PHLPost's role is delivery. "Kung ano yung reason bakit nadedelay, we are not technical about it. Mas maganda, PSA (Philippine Statistics Authority) sumagot dun." 

Those who applied for National IDs can check the status of their cards on the PHLPost tracking website. Those who get a "not found" message should not worry as this means that the physical card has not been dispatched to PHLPost for delivery.

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Fulgencio said PHLPost was preparing a "plaza-type" distribution on a Sunday where barangay officials will notify those whose IDs are available for pick-up. He said this would solve failed deliveries when the recipient is not at home.

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