Goodbye 2020, Hello Future (What Does it Look Like?)

How's 2021 and beyond looking?

The year 2020 has not only changed life for us, it's also shaping our future. Find out what 2021 and beyond looks like as we say goodbye to this unprecedented year. 

What does the future hold for us? It's one big question with a million answers. Who knows right? But in a year when there was a huge need to explain the endless stream of headlines happening in the present, reportr equally dared, if not more, to look beyond — towards the world being remade by the pandemic. 

What is the future of money? GCash, Pac Pay, and Lyka provide clues


Before 2020, Decembers meant crisp peso bills with that distinct fresh from the bank scent. All that changed at warp speed because of COVID-19. Money is now mostly invisible yet just as important, not to mention hard to come by. Wallets are turning digital notwithstanding growing pains that got people searching for the latest cash in fees or the RFID stickering station with the shortest queues. Full story. 

What is the future of politics? Vaccines set the tone for 2021

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There's no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic will be the main issue in the 2022 national elections. The first test will come next year, when the Philippines rolls out its vaccination program past the one-year mark of nationwide quarantines, analysts said. While the pandemic is a public health issue, the timing of the vaccines and more importantly, who gets its first, is a political decision. Read about how vaccines will influence governance. 

What is the future of mobility? Think faster MRT and RFID.


The COVID-19 pandemic changed life as we know it and everyone continues to adapt as restrictions remain fluid. Mobility for millions, whether via public or private transport, needs to adapt.

With COVID-19 still on the loose and mass vaccinations coming next year at the earliest, questions shroud the future of the country’s transportation system. Here's what's in store for mobility.

What is the future of socializing? No kiss, no touch in the new normal.

Ara Eugenio

Before the lockdown last March, Manila, like the world's mega cities, never slept. Its lights dazzled from a birds-eye view and from midnight to dawn, Grab drivers shuffle partygoers between clubs and condos.

The pandemic changed all of that and the quarantine is here indefinitely. Until the virus is defeated, strangers can't converge in clubs to toast, touch, and kiss. These intimate scenes are now a recipe for a pocket outbreak. Can nightlife survive? Nightclub owners have answers.

What is the future of work? Digital nomads head to the beach.

Courtesy of Baybayin Hub

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way we work. As soon as lockdowns were implemented, many office-based companies were forced to shift to a work from home setup that was unthinkable before.

But not for this digital nomad hub that is shaping the future of work by literally making it look like a vacation. Find out how they do it. 

What is the future of travel? A premium on virus safety.


Filipinos love to travel and even as the pandemic rages, people are still looking to book their dream vacations. Numbers back that claim: A May survey ran by the Department of Tourism showed that 60% of 13,000 participants would still choose to travel even without a working vaccine.

The Philippine tourism industry has eased restrictions over the past few months in an attempt to restart hotels, resorts and airlines, but with mass vaccinations and herd immunity months away, what will travel and tourism be like in 2021? Read it here.

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