GUIDE: Presidential, VP Candidates' Numbers on the Ballot

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The Commission on Elections has released the official ballot faces for every city, municipality, and district in the country for the 2022 elections, which shows the corresponding ballot number for every candidate.

Voters can visit the official website of the Comelec to check out the official ballot face for their locality and look for the ballot number of their favored candidate.

For candidates for president, vice president, senator, and local offices, their ballot number is arranged alphabetically, while party-list groups are listed based on the results of an earlier Comelec raffle.

Here are the official ballot numbers for the 2022 elections:


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Vice President



Screenshot from Official Ballot Face/Comelec
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How many candidates can you vote for each position?

For president and vice president, you may only pick one candidate. For senators, you may vote for up to 12 candidates.

When it comes to the local elections, pick one congressman, governor, vice governor, mayor, and vice mayor. You may vote for as many provincial board members and municipal/city councilors as indicated in the ballot.

Make sure to only vote for the number of candidates required per position. Overvoting will cause your votes to be invalid.


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