4,820 More Traditional Jeeps Resume Operations in Metro Manila

A total of 44 additional routes will be serviced.
Photo/s: Jerome Ascano

Almost 5,000 traditional jeepneys in Metro Manila were permitted to return to the road to accommodate the increasing number of commuters heading back to work as part of efforts to restart the economy.

As stated in a Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board memorandum circular released last Saturday, an additional 4,820 traditional jeepney units were allowed to service 44 more routes.

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The LTFRB has allowed a total of 27,016 traditional jeepneys to service 302 routes in Metro Manila since the general community quarantine started.

Thousands of traditional jeepney drivers have been unemployed since the quarantines started in March due to restrictions on mass transport. Though eventually allowed to return, all drivers had to implement safety protocols in their jeepney units to ensure passenger safety.

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Apart from jeepneys, the following public utility vehicles have returned since June 1:

  • Modern jeepney: 845
  • Public utility bus (PUB): 4,016
  • UV Express: 3,263
  • Taxis: 20,927
  • Provincial PUB: 286
  • Modern UV Express: 40

The LTFRB assured that more routes would reopen in the future for more public utility vehicles to address commuters’ needs for mass transport.

Here’s a list of the reopened jeepney routes:


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