Why Ai-Ai and Darryl Yap are Persona Non-Grata in QC, According to Councilor

'Think twice' before you post, says Ivy Lagman
Photo/s: Screenshot/Vincentiments

Actress Ai-Ai delas Alas and filmmaker Darryl Yap were both declared "persona non-grata" or unwelcome in Quezon City to show that freedom of expression should not be exercised at the expense of institutions, according to the councilor who pushed for the tag.

The censure should also serve as a lesson for content creators to "think twice" before posting similar content on social media, said outgoing councilor Ivy Lagman.

The city council, on Lagman's prodding, declared Delas Alas and Yap as "persona non grata" for a viral video during the campaign wherein the comedienne appeared to parody reelected Quezon City Mayor Joy Belmonte.

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Lagman said the seal that was placed behind Delas Alas' character in the video, which looked like the Quezon City seal, had the words "BBM" and "Sara" instead of "Lungsod Quezon". 

"Ito po ay patungkol sa paglapastang sa SEAL ng Quezon City. Yes you are free to be expressive with your work, but not at the expense of something which QCitizens hold in high regard," she said.

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Lagman said it was not about president-elect Bongbong Marcos and vice president-elect Sara Duterte.

"Mahal po namin ang Quezon City at ang lokal na pamahalaan nito ay aming nirerespeto. Sana kayo rin."

Yap said in a Facebook post that he would not ignore the city resolution.

Screenshot/Darryl Yap
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