WATCH: Cabin Crew Couple Gets Married Onboard AirAsia Jet 

Straight to honeymoon.
Photo/s: Nice Print Photography & Exige Weddings | Kristoffer Rustia

When cabin crew couple Kristoffer Rustia and Micah Cura agreed to spend the rest of their lives with each other by the end of a year fraught with so much uncertainty, they knew such extraordinary love deserved more than a usual venue.

Against all pandemic odds, the couple got married aboard commercial flight Z2 225 of Air Asia, the company where their love has blossomed since 2018. 

Of the 130 passengers in the flight bound for Boracay where they spent both their wedding reception and honeymoon, only 15 of which were family and friends. The rest were strangers who not only got to witness the extraordinary ceremony, but also the arrangements that came with it. 

The vibrant red flowers that adorned the plane's aisles were only setup after take-off in compliance with in-flight protocols. 

"Since bawal siya na ready na agad for safety so sinet up na lahat ng mga flowers after take off na mismo," Rustia, the groom, said. 

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Not expecting management would allow it, they only had one month to prepare for the wedding when they received, to their surprise, a go-signal. With a stripped down ceremony, what they really had to work on were safety protocols and in-flight dos and donts. 

"Talagang pinag-aralan ng management. Sila yung gumawa ng way to make it happen," he said. 

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"I hope we inspired other couples na, 'believe lang'. Akala din naman namin na impossible, na magkakaroon kami ng ganitong wedding but as long as you have each other, extravagant man yan o simple or intimate, basta yung kasal niyo yung importante. Love always wins," Cura, the bride said. 

Know more about their wedding in this #SummitOriginals video: 

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