These Services are for Fully-Vaccinated Only Under New Alert System

Perks of being vaccinated.
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Fully-vaccinated people can move more freely under the Philippines' new alert-based quarantine system that will be piloted in Metro Manila as early as Sept. 16. 

Under Alert Level 4, specifically, the second highest under the new five-step classification system, some businesses can accept only those who have had two COVID-19 jabs. There will be no vaccination status distinction in other alert levels, based on the guidelines.

The new quarantines will replace the previous ECQ-MECQ-GCQ-MGCQ system that locks down entire provinces and regions. Under the new system, local officials guided by the Department of Health will determine which buildings, streets or villages will be quarantined and at what level.


What's Allowed Under Alert-Based, Granular Lockdowns

Who Can Go In, Out of Granular Lockdown Areas

Under Alert Level 4, fully vaccinated individuals are allowed in the following:

  • Indoor dining at 10% capacity
  • Indoor personal grooming services such as barbershops, hair spas, nail spas, and beauty salons at limited 10% capacity
  • Indoor in-person religious gatherings at a limited 10% capacity
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Dining, personal grooming and religious gatherings when held outdoors are allowed at 30% capacity and is open to the vaccinated and unvaccinated.

A person is considered fully vaccinated two weeks after completing the required shots -- two for Sinovac, AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Moderna and Sputnik V and one for J&J, the only single-dose vaccine available locally.

Note that under Alert Level 4, only 18-65 years old are allowed to go out. Those with immunodeficiencies, comorbidities and other health risks, minors or older than aged 65, and pregnant women will only be allowed to go out for essentials or work in permitted industries.

Earlier, Metro Manila mayors appealed to the national government to ease COVID-19 restrictions for fully vaccinated individuals to spur economic activity.

More details: Metro Manila Mayors: Relax COVID Rules for the Fully Vaccinated

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