Andi Eigenmann Gets Real Post-Partum: 'I Haven't Been Feeling Like Myself Lately'

Post-pregnancy blues.
Photo/s: Instagram/AndiEigengirl

Andi Eigenmann, formerly TV's drama princess turned Instagram's ideal mom, has opened up about not feeling like herself, two weeks after she gave birth to her second child with fiancé Philmar Alipayo

In an Instagram post, the matriarch of the "Happy Island Fam" posted photos of her post-partum body. She admitted that while she has been enjoying every moment of her time with her family of three children, it has also been her distraction from confronting her personal feelings. 

"I've been too unmotivated to keep up with my old (good) habits," Eigenmann said. 

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On social media, the star is known for her healthy lifestyle, sharing mostly exercises she does even when she was pregnant. She also inspires followers to eat healthy through her vegan lifestyle. 

Although she has three kids, Eigenmann said she still has the time to focus on herself and that she's allowed to do it. 

"So as a result, in some way, I also know how it could (or does) affect my kids," she said 

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Eigenmann clarified that her confession is in no way "about bouncing back or wanting to look the way" she did pre-pregnancy, which she also noted isn't wrong as well, as anyone can do whatever they want to feel good about their own body.

"This is about feeling the way I used to. I've found that a great way to parent (IMO) is to strive to become a version of yourself that you love and makes you happy so that you can be a great example to your children too," she told her three million followers on Instagram. 

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The post immediately received comments, including from moms like herself, who also opened up about giving birth.

On Instagram user in the top comments said: "Same here 7weeks PP of 3rd child after 2 teenagers. No body shaming, I’m just proud of what happened thank you God."


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