With Bamboo Face Shields, You Can Help Farmers While Staying Safe

The eco-friendly face shields reduce up to 100 grams of plastic waste.
Photo/s: Manny Piñol Facebook

An engineer in M'lang, Cotabato designed bamboo face shields, hoping to help his town mates ride out the pandemic while providing the rest of the country an environment-friendly alternative for the new normal. Face shields will be required in all forms of public transport from Aug. 15 as authorities move to halt new infections.

Junroe Barrios and farmers from the Central Mindanao Green Workers Association are working on the wider distribution of the personal protective equipment, according to a Facebook post by the Mindanao Development Authority.


"Since the group is just starting the enterprise, they have divided the phases of the work, from the stripping of the bamboo slats, to the curing, attaching of the plastic shield, disinfecting and packaging," MinDA Secretary Manny Piñol said.

The handmade bamboo face shields, which reduce plastic waste, each sell for P150 in the Davao Region and P200 elsewhere.

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