Beep Card Accepted in More LRT-1 Food Kiosks, Operator Says

Here's a list of participating merchants.
Photo/s: Jerome Ascaño

More food kiosks in LRT-1 stations now accept beep cards as payment for snacks and other items, management said.

Light Rail Manila Corp. said it rolled out its Tap2Pay campaign, allowing more LRT-1 merchants to serve as channels for beep card loading and payment services.

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Passengers can now use their beep cards to buy goods in at least 30 participating merchants located at different LRT-1 stations such as Baclaran, EDSA, Gil Puyat, Carriedo, D. Jose, and Balintawak.

Passengers can also load up their beep cards from these additional merchants without any convenience fee.

The feature was initially launched in December 2021 with Master Siomai as the pilot merchant kiosk.

Now, passengers can use their beep cards to pay for items in these participating kiosks:

  • Master Siomai
  • Mister Donut
  • Yumpanada
  • Waffle Haus
  • Turks
  • Eng Bee Tin
  • Siomai House
  • The Generics Pharmacy
  • Just Squeezed
  • Potato Corner
  • Waffle Time

"Aside from using beep to pay for goods, passengers also have more channels to reload cards in addition to existing ticket vending machines, loading kiosks, and teller booths," said LRMC Corporate Communications and Customer Relations Head Jacqueline S. Gorospe.

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"What we’re offering are greater convenience and choices for passengers with more uses for their beep this time,” she added.

The beep card is mostly used to store credits commuters can use to pay for train and bus fares. Back in 2016, the card could be used for cashless transactions at convenience stores.

As COVID-19 remains a threat, cashless and contactless transactions are preferred to minimize risk of spreading the respiratory disease.


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