WATCH: What Happens When GIGIL Takes Belo to the Dark Side

What have lockdowns done to you?
Photo/s: Facebook/BeloMedicalGroup

(Editor's Note: Belo Medical has taken down this ad with an apology.)

Dark undereyes. Pimple breakouts. Untrimmed hair all over a body that gained "too much" weight from being a couch potato.

If you got any (or all) of these, then you are now under what Belo Medical Group referred to in their latest ad as the "worst version" of yourself. The go-to beauty company of the rich and famous got the help of bizarre ad masters GIGIL agency to tackle the #PandemicEffect on women's confidence.

There's so many things to unpack here, including how these never-ending lockdowns are indeed causing everyone stress that could manifest physically.

"Tough times call for beautiful measures," the ad said in the caption.

But before watching it yourself, here's a gentle reminder: your body, no matter what it looks like, has kept you alive throughout these tough times. It deserves kindness, probably more than a cosmetic fix-up. 

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