Ben&Ben Singer Says Stop Using 'Bakla' as Insult

Philippines, time to grow up.
Photo/s: Twitter/Paolo Benjamin

Paolo Guico of popular band Ben&Ben posted Wednesday a series of tweets that was liked by thousands -- stop using "bakla" as a pejorative term. Those who use it as an insult should just "grow up."

As a heterosexual, Guico aid he might not be the right person to make such a call, however, he said,  "I will fiercely fight for our LGBT friends and listeners. you are valid, accepted and loved."

Filipino entertainers have long used gays as punchlines in gag shows and in songs, however, Gen Z musicians like Guico are turning this around.


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Guico said people should "never assume" a person's gender based on the clothes they wear. That tweet got 21,000 likes and 4,300 retweets.

"Kids, be free to be yourselves. Don't let anyone bring you down," he said.

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