Bongbong Marcos is Sworn in as President of the Philippines

The son rises.
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Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. will be sworn in as the Philippines' 17th president at noon on Thursday. Here's what's happening so far on inauguration day.

  • "Believe. I have hope. The sun also rises as it did today and as it will tomorrow. And as surely as that, we will achieve a country all Filipinos deserve."
  • "You will not be disappointed so do not be afraid. With every difficult decision that I will make, I will keep foremost in my heart and in my mind the debt of gratitude I owe you for the honor and responsibility you have conferred on me."
  • Marcos said he would draft a "comprehensive infrastructure plan".
  • "There were shortcomings in the COVID response. We will fix them."
  • Immediate months of his term will be "rough" given challenges from COVID.
  • Marcos says he's drafting a "comprehensive economic plan".
  • "Your dreams are mine. Pangarap nyo ay pangarap ko. How can we make them come true? How can we do it together?"
  • "We shall begin again, but better."
  • "Giving up is not an option"
  • Marcos said he would discuss more of his plans in his first SONA.
  • "I did not talk much in this campaign. I did not bother to think of rebutting my rivals. Instead I searched for promising approaches better than the ususal solutions. I listened to you."
  • Public service is about "no excuses just deliver."
  • "I am here not to talk about the past. I am here to tell you about our future. A future of sufficiency, even plenty, of readily available needs to get done what needs doing, by you, by me."
  • "We do not look back but ahead, up ahead to a place better than the one that we had during the pandemic."
  • "So it will be from his son, you will get no excuses from me."
  • "I will get it done." Marcos said he recognizes the gravity of the country's problems.
  • "The changes we seek will benefit all and will shortchange no one."
  • "Dininig ko ang tinig nyo na ang sigaw ay pagkakaisa."
  • Marcos said his "unity" message "reverbarated" and was "magnified" with voters who "rejected the politics of division".
  • "You the people have spoken and it is resounding".
  • Marcos is officially sworn in as president at noon.
  • Outgoing Senate President Tito Sotto reads the resolution declaring Marcos the winner of the presidential elections.
  • Marcos stands up to applaud medical frontlioners, farmers, athletes and workers.
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  • A civic-military parade follows a short multi-faith prayer service.
  • Marcos supporter, vlogger Toni Gonzaga, sings the National Anthem.
PCOO/Facebook screen capture
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  • The president-elect and the incoming first lady arrive at the venue on board a silver luxury car. 
  • Duterte skips inauguration proper to fly home to Davao City. His daughter, Vice President Sara Duterte, is at the National Museum.
  • Also in the audience, former President Joseph Estrada.
  • Former first lady Imelda Marcos is seen at the gallery. She is wearing a powder blue butterfly sleeve dress.
  • Audience assembles at the National Museum
  • The two proceed to the National Museum at around 10:36 a.m. When Marcos returns he would have been sworn in as president.

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  • Marcos signs the Palace guestbook and sits down with Duterte for a brief chat.
  • Marcos arrives in Malacanang at 10:27 a.m. for a short meeting with outgoing President Rodrigo Duterte. The salubungan symbolizes the peaceful transition of power.

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