How to Lock Your BPI Card's E-Commerce Access to Thwart Scammers

It can also help tame overspending.
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The pandemic drove an increase in online purchases, exposing credit and debit cards to scammers. BPI clients can enable or disable the e-commerce access of their debit Mastercard at anytime to protect their accounts from unauthorized purchases.

Locked debit card access for e-commerce prevents fraudsters from using your funds without your consent. Users can unlock the card for online payment only when in use.

To use the safety feature, BPI clients must be enrolled to BPI Online or registered to the BPI Mobile app. Keep in mind that you may have to call the bank to have your card linked to your online account.

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Here's how to lock or unlock the e-commerce access of your BPI Mastercard:

Log in to BPI Online or the BPI Mobile app.

Choose "Other Services"

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Select "Card Control"

Go to E-Commerce Access to turn it on or off

Key in your OTP

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