Filipino ARMYs Preserve BTS Meal Packaging as Memorabilia

Keychains, phone cases, picture frames.
Photo/s: Composite of photos from Kristine Carl Ignacio and Jean Lagman

Before its official launch on Friday, scores of Pinoy BTS ARMY got ahead of the general public in purchasing the much-awaited McDonald's BTS Meal and as expected, fandom love is already overwhelming.

As the BTS Meal is a limited offering, fans are attempting to preserve the rare moment by taking extra care of the packaging—some would ask for separate bags, while others go the extra mile to just open the dip from the bottom (so as to not damage the BTS-themed cover)—in order to turn them into different kinds of memorabilia. 

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"The packaging itself was pretty nice. And more special because of the color purple which signifies, 'BTSArmy and ArmyBTS'. So I was thinking of how can I preserved my BTS meal packaging instead of throwing it away, " said one Kristine Carl Ignacio, who shared on Twitter how they enclosed their order's packaging in a picture frame, including the receipt.

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Another fan, Pandong Rivera, also did the same while Julia Lagman upcycled the cup and turned it into a phone case cover.

Courtesy of Pandong Rivera
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Courtesy of Jean Lagman

The hashtags #BTSMeal and #BTSXMcD have been trending throughout the week.


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