Can You Get a Booster Shot While COVID Positive?

As cases continue to rise.
Photo/s: Jerome Ascaño

People with COVID-19 should wait until they are fully recovered before getting their booster shots, the Department of Health said Friday, as the country grappled with a surge that's driven by the Omicron variant.

They can get their shots ten days after their isolation period ends, said Dr. Beverly Ho, head of the DOH Health Promotions Bureau. Getting a booster while still nursing COVID-19 risks infecting others, she said.

The waiting time for the booster could extend up to 14 days from the end of isolation depending on the gravity or lack of symptoms, said Dr. Tony Leachon, a former adviser to the government's pandemic response team.

"Kailangan sila mag-booster siguro mga two weeks after maka-full recovery sila kasi hindi sila puwede pong magkaroon ng bakuna habang may booster... dahil lalong lalala ang sakit mo," Leachon told ANC.

Authorities are urging Filipinos to get fully vaccinated to avoid catching severe COVID. On Thursday, President Rodrigo Duterte said unvaccinated Filipinos would be arrested if they leave their homes.

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