LOOK: This New Cebu Pacific Plane Uses Sustainable Fuel

For maximum fuel efficiency and affordable flights.
Photo/s: Cebu Pacific / Capt. Reynaldo Capili Jr.

Cebu Pacific on Sunday received another aircraft that utilizes sustainable aviation fuelpart of its fleet modernization program that aims to maximize fuel efficiency and keep flights affordable for passengers.

The new Airbus A320NEO is the airline's fourth aircraft delivery for 2022. Its delivery flight from Hamburg, Germany to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila used sustainable aviation fuel or SAF.

SAF, a drop-in fuel, is an interchangeable replacement for fossil fuels. According to Cebu Pacific, using SAF for flights results in roughly 80% reduction in carbon emissions across the SAF lifecycle.

Use of SAF poses no negative impact on the performance or maintenance of planes and does not require any adaptations to the aircraft or its engines.

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“We are happy to welcome another aircraft that used sustainable aviation fuel on its delivery flight from Hamburg. This is a testament to how committed we are to our sustainable journey, which involves moving forward with our fleet modernization plans,” said Alex Reyes, Chief Strategy Officer at Cebu Pacific.

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The local airline became the first low-cost carrier in Southeast Asia to integrate the use of SAF into its operations with the delivery of its third A330NEO last May, with the goal of using SAF for the delivery of three more aircrafts in 2022.

By 2025, Cebu Pacific aims to utilize SAF further by launching green routes and having an all-Neo fleet by 2027. The airline plans to use SAF for its entire network by 2030.

CEB’S sustainability goal is in line with global aviation’s commitment to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050. The airline has made various investments that enable it to become fuel-efficient in its operations to keep fares affordable for the passengers.

Check out Cebu Pacific's new Airbus A320NEO:

Cebu Pacific / Capt. Louie Cruz
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Cebu Pacific / Capt. Reynaldo Capili Jr.
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