Chris Evans Retires His iPhone 6S, How Long Before You Upgrade?

The internet can relate.
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Captain America actor Chris Evans retired his iPhone 6S and the beloved model of Apple's flagship device was trending on Friday, showing both its popularity and longevity.

This means Evans held on to his iPhone 6S for seven years if he bought the device at launch in late 2015. That was half a decade before COVID and within Phase Two of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (We're now in Phase Four).

Evans said he had a "good run" with his iPhone 6S, and would miss its home button, which Apple gradually killed off in flagship models with 2017's iPhone X. His Twitter post got 264,000 reactions in four hours.


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"It was a wild ride. Rest easy, pal," Evans said, adding he wouldn't miss the struggle to charge the device to full and sudden drops in battery capacity.

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Technically, the iPhone 6S has been on the road to software obsolesence, having been shut out of the iOS 15 update.

Released in an "S" year, meaning same design, with upgraded internals, the iPhone 6s series solved the hardware bending of the iPhone 6 and introduced force touch or haptic feedback that made long-pressing on the screen so satisfying.

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