Chronicles of 'Listen': Stonefree Takes Us Behind 2000s Anthem

It's been 19 years since the song was released.
Photo/s: Courtesy of Stonefree

So this I ask of you, please stay with me, until she comes back… One song is all it takes to bring yourself back to the early 2000s.

One of such tunes is "Listen." It's the theme song for ABC-5's popular series, "Single", and was one of the most successful OPM songs of the 2000s. A person cannot think of "Single" without hearing “Listen” playing in their minds.

The song spread across the country, eventually catapulting Stonefree to fame, and proving to have a long-lasting impact even on local radio stations. The popularity of "Listen" provided them with the impetus they needed to self-produce a four-track EP on July 23, 2004, also named Listen.

In this OG video exclusive, Miro Vallera takes a seat and discusses the tune that forever changed the band's course. “It’s not a Beyoncé Knowles song, nauna kami,” he says.

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