What Does DOH Think About Coppermask?

Protective without being medical grade.
Photo/s: Coppermask.ph

Coppermask, usually worn by celebrities, is not medical-grade, the Department of Health said Wednesday but it doesn't mean that the masks are entirely useless.

The trendy and expensive Coppermask is not included in the Food and Drug Administration's list of medical face masks, or those that comply with global regulatory requirements and are specifically designed for medical use.

Coppermask "is not included which means that they are not medical-grade," the DOH said.

"Nevertheless, considering that it is still a face mask, it can still prevent the spread of COVID-19 mainly by acting as a physical barrier for droplets when a person emits droplets."

Earlier this week, the Makati Medical Center advised against wearing Coppermask within its premises due to the hole on the mask's chin area.

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Copper Mask advertises its face masks as having "a strong antimicrobial layer," and able to help kill 99.9% of germs. It also markets the masks' "superior bacteria exterminator effect" and "complete prevention of saliva droplets."

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Below are the medical-grade masks approved by the FDA:

Courtesy of FDA

The DOH has repeatedly urged the public to wear face masks and face shields to prevent the spread of COVID-19. In public places, wearing face masks and face shields is mandatory.

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