Watch Out, Baby Shark: Crazy Frog is Gearing Up for a Comeback

The year is 2005.
Photo/s: Screen Grab: Crazy Frog Youtube

Remember Crazy Frog, the star of a viral ringtone that beat Coldplay, one of music's biggest artists, in the UK charts back in 2005 just by chanting "Ring ding ding" for most of an almost three-minute song?

Sixteen years later, the amphibious pop sensation is coming on Dec. 10 to YouTube, where the music video of its version of the song "Axel F" got over 3.1 billion views. First uploaded in 2009, it is the 19th most popular video in YouTube's history. 

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The new single is said to be a mash-up of a classic and a more recent song that are both popular on Tiktok. 

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The decision to return is due to "an increase in interest on YouTube", reporting by BBC said, quoting Wolfgang Boss, president of A&R for Sony Music, who is the producer and owner of Crazy Frog's music. The original single that was only meant to be a ringtone exceeded expectations in 2005, having topped global charts for weeks and beating the Coldplay hit "Speed of Sound". 

Boss told BBC that in an age where the "ringtone is completely dead", this comeback will find its way to much of the internet's consciousness, particularly on Tiktok, where trends can go viral overnight. 

"When we started Crazy Frog, there was no TikTok, it didn't exist. But right now TikTok is super important. It's basically the number one platform for people to share new music and funny things connected with music," Boss said. 


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