DOH Says Wear Face Mask at Home If Not Alone to Fight COVID Surge

Seek help if experiencing symptoms.
Photo/s: Jerome Ascaño

The Philippines has called on the public to wear face masks at home, among other precautions, to help stunt a resurgent COVID-19 that is resulting in record case numbers.

On Saturday, the Department of Health reported 7,999 coronavirus infections, an all-time high for daily cases for the second straight day. Metro Manila, home to a tenth of the country's 100 million people is the epicenter of the surge that is threatening to overwhelm hospitals.


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The DOH called on the public to:

  1. Stay at home and suspend all non-essential travel.
  2. Wear a mask at all times and in all settings, even at home, when not alone or living with the vulnerable.
  3. Ensure air circulation by opening windows and using fans
  4. Consult immediately with Barangay Health Response Teams if experiencing symptoms for management, referral of testing and isolation.
  5. If experiencing mild symptoms, go to isolation facilities instead of hospitals.
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The surge in infections and the threat of new virus variants has prompted the government to reimplement stricter COVID-19 protocols such as barring the entry of foreign nationals until April.

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Metro Manila, where the surge is centered, has implemented a two-week curfew to limit foot traffic outdoors in a bid to curb virus transmission.

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