Julian Ongpin to be Charged with Cocaine Possession in Court

State prosecutors indict billionaire Roberto Ongpin's son.

Trigger warning: Story mentions violence, intentional self-harm that may be disturbing for some. If you are having thoughts of suicide, know that help is always here. You are not alone. Call the National Center For Mental Health 24/7 Crisis Hotline 1553, 0917 899 8727(USAP), and/or 7-989-8727 (USAP).

The Department of Justice said Monday it resolved to file a drug possession charge against billionaire scion Julian Ongpin based on cocaine that was seized from the hotel room he shared with artist Bree Jonson and where she also died.

The son of tycoon Roberto Ongpin will be charged with a non-bailable offense. Authorities have not linked Julian to Jonson's death at a surf resort in La Union last Sept. 18, which he claimed was a suicide. The artist's family disputes this.

Ongpin was caught with cocaine and tested positive for illegal drugs. Traces of narcotics were also found in Jonson's remains, police said.

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Who is Bree Jonson and What Inspired Her Art?

Who is Julian Ongpin? Billionaire's Son in the Headlines 

Ongpin was the last person seen with the artist before she was found dead in their hotel bathroom. He was released from custody despite facing an investigation for drug possession -- a move that sparked allegations of special treatment.

Police earlier said Jonson died of asphyxia which means a loss of oxygen, commonly caused by strangulation or choking.

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