DOLE Says Employees Should Get Vaccines for Free

Those who refuse jabs shouldn't be penalized.
Photo/s: Jerome Ascano

Employees should get COVID vaccines for free, the Department of Labor and Employment said in its guidelines for the administration of vaccines in the private sector.

Companies are enjoined to procure vaccines and resources to inoculate their employees, who shouldn't be burdened with the cost.

Those in the private sector may "seek the support of the appropriate government agencies in the procurement, storage, transport, deployment, and administration of COVID-19 vaccines" to ensure their employees get the vaccine for free.

According to the advisory, "No cost of vaccination in the workplace shall be charged against or passed on, directly or indirectly to the employees."

Workers refusing to get the jab cannot be discriminated against or terminated. However, companies are mandated to encourage employees to get vaccinated.

Several companies like McDonald's Philippines and Alliance Global Group Inc. have promised free jabs for their employees, an inoculation effort that runs parallel with the government's goal of vaccinating frontliners in March.

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