Duterte to Parents: "Don't Blame Gov’t If [kids] Get COVID-19"

The President is reminding everyone that safety is in their own hands.
Photo/s: PCOO

President Rodrigo Duterte has warned everyone that the Philippines' war against COVID-19 is far from over, despite the relaxed measures of the general community quarantine.

In a taped speech broadcast close to midnight yesterday, June 15, Duterte announced the extension of the general community quarantine in Manila as well as the reinstatement of the enhanced community quarantine in Cebu. He further warned the public, especially parents, to continue following safety protocols and to be responsible for their own health.

“Look, I can’t stop all of you from going out. I can’t catch you all," he mused. "The problem is that when you go out with your kids or you allow your children to go out when the place is not ready for them to be outside and they get sick, don’t blame us. Do not forget that we warned you about the grave consequences."

Yesterday, Philippine COVID-9 numbers went up to 26,420 and is expected to reach 40,000 by the end of June, according to the UP Octa Research Team.

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