How Duterte Plans to Address Russia-Ukraine Fallout on Prices

The President met with top officials.
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President Rodrigo Duterte is preparing contingency measures for the Philippines should Russia's invasion of Ukraine escalate, Malacañang said Wednesday as it called for a peaceful resolution of the conflict.

Duterte on Tuesday met with his Cabinet and top officials of the military and police to discuss possible scenarios and the impact of the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine.

"We appeal for an immediate end to the unnecessary loss of life, and call on the states involved to forge an accord that can help prevent a conflagration that could engulf a world still struggling to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic," Duterte's acting spokesperson Karlo Nograles said.

During the meeting, Nograles said both the military and police assured the President that they have respective contingency plans and assets prepared.

"We reiterate the position of the Philippines that war benefits no one, and that it exacts a tragic, bloody toll on the lives of innocent men, women, and children in the areas of conflict," Nograles said.


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To ensure food security in light of the possible escalation of the war, Duterte approved plans to boost local food production by increasing the country's rice buffer stock to last 30 days and providing fertilizer subsidies to farmers.

Fuel discount vouchers will also be given to farmers and fishermen in response to the rising prices of oil, Nograles said.

"Kung kinakailangan, nakahanda ang pamahalaan na isakatuparan ang implementasyon ng Price Control Law," Nograles said.

Other food security measures that the government plans to adopt include improving the country's digital agricultural infrastructure and systems, and providing logistical support for transportation of produce from the provinces to the cities.

With the rising prices of fuel, Nograles said Duterte approved the implementation of the P2.5-billion Pantawid Pasada program--a fuel subsidy program for the public transport sector.

The Duterte administration also called on Congress to review the Oil Deregulation Law and provide the government with the powers to intervene when there is a spike in fuel prices.

Other measures that were discussed during the meeting to address the rising prices of fuel include accelerating renewable energy adoption and supporting investments in modern storage facilities for oil.

The Philippines earlier this week expressed its "explicit condemnation" of the invasion of Ukraine and called for the protection of civilians. 

Manila is also voting "yes" to the United Nations General Assembly resolution calling on Moscow to withdraw its troops from Ukraine's capital Kyiv.


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