Majority of Filipinos Still Satisfied with Duterte: SWS Poll

Net satisfaction rating slips to 'very good' territory from 'excellent'.
Photo/s: Czar Dancel, Reuters

Three-quarters of Filipinos were satisfied with President Rodrigo Duterte's performance in June but his popularity rating was 21% below a record high reached in November 2020, according to a survey published on Friday.

Duterte received an overall "very good" net satisfaction rating of +62 in June, down from +65 in May and November's "excellent" level of +79, according to a poll by Social Weather Stations (SWS) published on its website on Friday.

The poll, conducted from June 23-26, found that 75% of Filipinos were satisfied, 12% undecided, and 13% dissatisfied with Duterte's performance.

While his opponents accuse him of being too authoritarian and intolerant of dissent, Duterte remains hugely popular because of his man-of-the-people style and a perception of strong leadership and success in fighting crime and corruption.

SWS attributed Duterte's high rating to public satisfaction with the government's overall "governance" and "perceived decisiveness and diligence" despite a stubborn coronavirus crisis that has ravaged the economy and caused millions of job losses.

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The Philippines ranks second in Southeast Asia with the most number of COVID-19 cases at more than 2.4 million and more than 37,000 deaths.

The survey was conducted in the form of in-person interviews with 1,200 Filipinos, SWS said.

Presidents serve for only one term in the Philippines, but Duterte, 76, said this month he will run for vice president in next year's polls, forging ahead with a plan criticised by rivals as a cynical move to maintain his political power.

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