Duterte Says Robredo 'Not Qualified' for Presidency

Fresh criticism from the President.
Photo/s: Jico Joson

President Rodrigo Duterte said late Monday  Vice President Leni Robredo was "not qualified" to run for his post and should take a "refresher" course on law.

Duterte criticized Robredo's leadership as he shot back against the vice president for  likening his comments on the Visiting Forces Agreement with United States forces to "extortion."

Last week, the President said American troops should "pay" if they want to keep the VFA with the Philippines.

"Ma'am kung ikaw ang presidente tapos hindi mo alam ang trabaho mo, eh dapat alam mo yan dahil abogado ka," Duterte said in his speech. "You really are not qualified to run for president."

Robredo has not issued any statement on the President's remarks as of posting time. In July last year, Duterte criticized Robredo too for her alleged "incompetence."

Defending his remarks on the VFA, Duterte said foreign policy is a decision of the president and urged Robredo to review the charter.

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"If by unfortunate chance you become the president, please study more. I think that you need a refresher course sa law. That is my advice to you," he said.


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