Ely Buendia Tells E-Heads Fans Hating on Him: ‘Music is All That Matters’

'Why hate on people who want to tell the truth?'
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Ely Buendia on Thursday had one question for Eraserheads fans who reacted negatively to his confession that he and his band mates were not really friends: "Why hate on people who want to tell the truth?"

Buendia was referring to an earlier revelation he made in a recent guesting on "Wake Up With Jim and Saab", where he revealed how the fan-favorite song "Minsan" makes him cringe, two decades since leaving the band. 

"I was kinda sick of fans saying na ‘you’re friends. You shouldn’t have broken up.’ They made us feel bad about it," Buendia had said, explaining how fans took that one particular song against the group's disbandment. 

On Twitter, Buendia addressed Eraserheads fans criticizing him for telling "the truth" of how he was never really friends with his bandmates, which he said, led to their eventual separation.

"Big deal, still? Why hate on people who want to tell the truth? I didn’t ask to be interviewed, nanahimik na nga ko dito eh living a happy life kayo yung makulit about the eheads," he said.

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Although he said they "were never close", Buendia said in the podcast that the band had a good working relationship. "It was nice while it lasted," he then said. 

Now, "the music is all that matters. Have you forgotten about that, and who wrote most of it? just sayin," he said.

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In disappointment, he said in another tweet: "Lol it’s also weird that I have more Ehead fans who hate me than DDS. Priorities, I guess."


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