Enchanted Kingdom Reopens, Here's What You Need to Know Before Going

Protective gear required.
Photo/s: courtesy of Enchanted Kingdom

Theme parks seem like a thing of the past because of COVID-19, but strict health guidelines and safety protocols are leading to the reopening of such establishments. Enchanted Kingdom will resume limited operations starting the weekend of Oct. 17 after being shut for months.

Enchanted Kingdom posted a safety advisory posted on Tuesday on their Facebook page.

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Operating hours

Enchanted Kingdom will reopen starting Oct. 17 and every weekend thereafter. Weekday operations are suspended for now, but will resume starting Dec. 14. The park will be open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Who can go?

Only guests aged 21 to 59 will be allowed to enter the theme park. No kids allowed.

Health and safety guidelines

Guests and cast members will have to accomplish health check forms, either digitally or manually upon entry. Temperature scans will also be done upon entry and randomly as needed.

The park will run on 50% capacity for rides and attractions, food and merchandise outlets, restrooms, and even administration offices.

Face masks and face shields are required at all times for both guests and staff. A physical distance of 1 meter must be observed at all times.

Hand washing stations will be set up all over the park so everyone can disinfect frequently. Automatic hand sanitizers and hand pumps with disinfectants will be located strategically around the park.

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For safety reasons, guests may take off their face shields while on the ride, but keep their face masks on. Once guests get off the ride, they must put on their face shields again.

Ordering food

Cashless transactions are preferred, but cash payments will still be accepted to a limited extent. Enchanted Kingdom will implement a pre-order scheme and queueing system so guests can get their food without the crowded lines and hassle.

The number of food outlets and establishments may be limited as the whole park runs on only 50% capacity.

Where can I buy Enchanted Kingdom tickets?

You can purchase tickets in front of the park gates, but management encourages advanced bookings done online as they’ll be accepting a limited number of walk-in guests to prioritize those who booked ahead.

Cashless transactions are recommended, but the park will still accept cash payments.

For more information and details, visit the Enchanted Kingdom website.

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