GUIDE: When Should You Change Your Face Mask?

Here are guidelines from the DOH.
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As the Philippines experiences a fresh surge in COVID-19 cases, the Department of Health calls on the public to wear their mask properly as an added protection against the coronavirus.

Depending on the type, face masks must be changed from time to time to ensure that it remains effective.

Here are some guidelines from the DOH on when you should replace your face mask:

Medical grade surgical mask

Medical grade surgical face masks, the one colored white on one side while blue on the other side, must be replaced after six hours, the DOH said.

Reusable cloth mask

From the name itself, reusable cloth masks can be used again after wearing. Prepare two pieces and use them on alternating days. Wash and sun dry them after using.

N95 mask

The N95 mask gives the most protection against the coronavirus, according to the DOH. Prepare five pieces and use them alternatingly. Replace them after one month, or when they become loose, get torn, or wet.

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The DOH advised the public to properly wear their face mask by making sure that their nose and mouth are covered.

The public can also increase their protection against the coronavirus by wearing a cloth mask over a surgical mask, it added.


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