Filipino-American Dies, Family Says U.S. Police Used 'George Floyd Technique'

Angelo Quinto's family files wrongful death claim.

A 30-year-old Filipino-American war veteran died three days after police in California allegedly knelt on his neck for nearly five minutes, his family said in their wrongful death claim.

Angelo Quinto was in a mental episode when authorities in Antioch attempted to subdue him. He had been suffering from anxiety, depression, and paranoia for months. His sister called in the police fearing that he could hurt their mother, CNN International reported.

"He had already started to calm down," the family's claim filed Feb. 18 reportedly said, detailing how before two policemen arrived, Quinto's mother had been embracing him for a few minutes. 

In what family lawyer John Burris called the "George Floyd" technique, he said police did not attempt to understand the situation and proceeded to grab Quinto to attempt an arrest, pinning him on the floor. 

The policemen, according to Burris, ignored Quinto's pleas of "please don't kill me."

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A phone video of the encounter was released by the family's lawyer, showing an unconscious Quinto being lifted from a blooded floor. The video contains footage that can be disturbing for some.

"What happened?," Quinto's mother asked on record, seeing her son was unresponsive and his face bloody. 

He is then moved to a gurney and soon after, paramedics started chest compressions while his mother kept asking if he were still alive and breathing. 

He died three days later in the hospital. 

Nearly two months since then, police have not issued a statement regarding the incident, CNN said. The cause of death is still pending, Contra Costa County Sheriff Coroner said, while the District Attorney's office is also still investigating. 


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