After FilAm in U.S. Dies Like George Floyd, Embassy Says 'Protect Filipinos'

Report to 911.
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The Philippine Embassy in the U.S. warned Filipinos there to be careful in light of rising attacks against Asians, including one involving Filipino-American, who died after after authorities accosted him in a matter that was similar to George Floyd of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Filipinos in the U.S. are urged to report any attack to 911, the Embassy said, as it called on authorities to ensure protection for people of Asian descent.

"Filipinos are advised to exercise utmost caution in view of these incidents. Those who experience attacks are advised to immediately call 911 to report incidents," the Embassy said in a statement Thursday.

"We call on federal, state, and local authorities to further ensure the protection of persons of Asian descent, including Filipinos," it added.

Filipino-American war veteran Angelo Quinto, 30, died days after police in California allegedly knelt on his neck for nearly five minutes, his family said in their wrongful death claim.

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Filipino-American Dies, Family Says U.S. Police Used 'George Floyd Technique'

The family's lawyer labeled the incident as a "George Floyd" technique, saying police did not attempt to understand the situation and proceeded to grab Quinto to try an arrest, pinning him on the floor. 

The policemen, according to Burris, ignored Quinto's pleas of "please don't kill me."

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