Filipino Man Slashed Across the Face on New York Subway

It renewed on concerns on subway safety.
Photo/s: shutterstock

A Filipino man who was commuting to work on the New York City Subway was slashed across the face by an unidentified assailant, highlighting security concerns on the train system, reports said.

Noel Quintana, 61, said the assailant was unprovoked and kicked his bag before slashing him from ear-to-ear with a box cutter. He was on his way to one of two jobs when the incident happened Feb. 3.

"I was scared because I thought I was gonna die and nobody helped me," Quintana told local station WABC-TV.

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"I said, 'What's wrong with you?' and I went toward the door to get away from him,' Quintana told the New York Daily News. "I thought he punched me or something — and when I saw the reaction of the people in the train I thought I was hit."

Quintana's assailant is at large and was seen on CCTV footage wearing a face mask with Louis Vuitton prints.

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