Pork, Chicken Prices in Metro Manila are Capped for 60 Days

Duterte issues executive order.
Photo/s: Jerome Ascaño

President Rodrigo Duterte capped Monday the prices of pork and chicken for 60 days in Metro Manila as consumers raised concerns over the rising cost of basic food items.

Executive Order No. 124, signed on Feb. 1, imposes a price ceiling on pork and chicken within the National Capital Region since the rising prices of goods are causing an "undue burden" to Filipinos, Duterte said.

Duterte heeded Agriculture Sec. William Dar earlier recommendation to implement a price ceiling on certain pork items such as P270/kg for kasim and pigue, P300/kg for liempo, and P160/kg for a dressed chicken to help consumers. 

"It is imperative and urgent to ensure that basic necessities are adequate, affordable and accessible to all," the President said in his executive order.

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Consumers have complained of rising prices of goods with a kilo of pork costing as much as P400 in the market in January. 


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