GCash to Charge a Fee for Bank Transfers Starting Nov. 1

Subscribers, take note.
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(Editor's Note. On Sept. 30, 2020, after this story was published GCash said transfer fees were moved to Nov. 1 instead of Oct. 1 as earlier announced)

(UPDATE) Mobile wallet platform GCash will start charging a convenience fee for bank transfers starting Oct. 1, an in-app advisory said.

Those looking to transfer funds to a bank were greeted with a small disclaimer notifying them of such charges. However, no amount or percentage was specified. GCash told reportr that an advisory was forthcoming on Sept. 28 and that transfers are free until Sept. 28.

UPDATE: GCash Cash In, Cash Out Fees from Nov. 1

PayMaya and BPI Too, Why Are Transfer Fees All Coming Back on Oct. 1?

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BPI to Restore P50 Service Charge for Fund Transfers Starting Oct. 1

screencap from Gcash

We tried transacting with different banks and got the same advisory.

screencap from Gcash
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screencap from Gcash

Gcash to Gcash transactions seem to be safe, as we tried it and encountered no advisories or extra charges.

The Gcash website on frequently asked questions also said that the app would start charging a service fee starting October, but no amount was specified still.

screencap from Gcash
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