GUIDE: Second COVID Booster for 50 and Above, Individuals with Comorbidities

Added protection against COVID-19.
Photo/s: NTF/Handout

Individuals aged 50 and above and adults with comorbidities can soon get their second boosters as added protection against COVID-19, the Department of Health said Tuesday.

Efforts to increase jabs nationwide come as President Bongbong Marcos promised to strengthen the health infrastructure to help Filipinos live with the coronavirus.

Eligible individuals are asked to check with their nearest local government unit (LGU) or vaccination sites for the vaccination.


Do You Need a Second Booster After Recovering From COVID?

Can You Get a Booster Shot While COVID Positive?

Here's what you should know before getting your second booster:

Who are eligible for second boosters?

  • Adults aged 50 and above
  • Individuals aged 18 to 49 with comorbidities

GUIDE: Second COVID Booster for Seniors, Health Workers

What vaccine brands can be used for second boosters?

Only Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are the options for second booster shots.

When should it be administered?

Second booster should be given at least four months after the third dose or first booster.

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What do I need to bring to the vaccination site?

Be ready with your vaccination card and valid ID.

I have comorbidities. Do I still need to present a medical certificate?

No, it is not required even for those with comorbidities. The medical screener or doctor at the vaccination site is authorized to assess and determine whether to administer the booster shot or not.

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