How a Senator Chel Diokno Would Work With Imee Marcos

It's going to be 'very interesting,' the human rights lawyer said.
Photo/s: Chel Diokno/Imee Marcos/Facebook

Human rights lawyer Chel Diokno on Tuesday said he was looking forward to working with Sen. Imee Marcos if he wins a Senate seat in the 2022 elections as he expects that their discussion on issues would be "very interesting."

Diokno is the son of former Sen. Jose Diokno, who was imprisoned along with other opposition figures when martial law was declared by Imee's father, former President Ferdinand Marcos, in 1972.

Diokno said he and Imee represent "very different interests," which made him even more excited to work with the incumbent senator. The human rights lawyer has formally declared his intention to give the Senate another try after failing in his first attempt in 2019.

"I think it's very good that we can debate and confront each other on issues in that place. We're talking about making laws, hindi naman ito personalan, hindi naman ito debate ng sino mas magaling," Diokno told ANC in an interview.

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"This is going to be a question of what laws are going to be good for the country. And I can't wait, I really would like to contribute to that discussion and conversation," he added.

Considering that there will be 24 of them in the Senate, Diokno expects that there will be a way for them to show respect to one another despite having different backgrounds and issues they represent.

"But when it comes to issues, we will definitely diverge in our positions and that will really be a very interesting situation," he added.

Diokno earlier said he plans to carry his advocacy for a better justice system in his 2022 run. He would also fight for better health services for Filipinos and assistance for micro, small, and medium enterprises, which he said are "immediate matters that must be addressed by the government."

Diokno is the chairman of the Free Legal Assistance Group and the founding dean of the De La Salle University College of Law.

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