How Much are Noche Buena Food Items for Christmas 2021?

Here are the suggested retail prices.
Photo/s: Jerome Ascaño

Supermarkets will soon be filled with shoppers stocking up on Christmas food products so it's best to get a headstart on planning a budget for Noche Buena.

For the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Department of Trade and Industry released its suggested retail price guide for the most commonly bought Christmas food products.

This year's list however contains fewer items compared to last year's, which included fruit cocktail, and creamer.

Below are the suggested price ranges of the DTI for common Noche Buena items, to help you with your grocery trip:

Screenshot from DTI Website
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The DTI said most supermarkets have agreed to keep prices of Noche Buena items unchanged as household budgets struggle to keep up with the rising costs of goods.

"To avoid panic buying and ensure value for money, the public is advised to create a shopping list and refer to the Noche Buena SRP bulletin before visiting their preferred supermarket," the DTI said.


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