If Your Doctor Advises COVID Home Care, Here's How to Do It

Teleconsultations, home care programs, and home laboratory testing.
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Hospital beds are once again filling up with COVID-positive patients a year into lockdowns. While not all cases can be accommodated at medical institutions, individuals infected with the virus can take care of themselves at home with assistance from medical professionals.

It is important to note that the decision to care for yourself at home or in a medical institution should be made by your doctor. Also, don't self-medicate.

COVID home care programs

The Medical City is offering a COVID home care program to ensure that affected patients are closely monitored and attended to through physician-guided continuity of care.

Patients suspected or positive for COVID-19, those with mild to moderate symptoms, those awaiting test results, and those completing self-isolation can avail of this program.

The program offers three packages, which include home infection control, daily monitoring done via video call with a physician, and diagnostic services which include RT-PCR testing, blood extraction services, and a COVID laboratory panel.

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Hospitals like The Makati Medical Center and both branches of St. Luke's Medical Center offer teleconsultations.

For Makati Medical Center, video calls can be done via Zoom and payments can be made via GCash, PayMaya, or AliPay. You can e-mail the MMC HealthHub at MMCHealthHub@makatimed.net.ph or schedule an appointment by calling 8888-8999 local 2189 or 2832.

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Laboratory services

If you're COVID-positive and planning to go to the hospital or do a teleconsultation, you can save yourself time by having a blood test done in advance,  as this can help medical professionals acertain the severity of the case, Dr. Katrina Ferrera-Calma advised in a Facebook post.

Going to a stand-alone diagnostics center with fewer people is recommended. Keep in mind that you have to dress up in full personal protective equipment is required if you're COVID-positive.

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When getting a blood test, you'll need the following:

  1. CBC – complete blood count
  2. Creatinine
  3. SGOT
  4. SGPT
  5. LDH - lactate dehydrogenase
  6. Ferritin
  7. D-Dimer
  8. CRP- C-reactive protein. This is just one blood extraction. No need for fasting.

These can all be procured from just one blood test.

Premiere Medical and Cardiovascular Laboratory, Inc. and Hi-Precision Diagnostics offer laboratory blood testing.

The Medical City, Makati Medical Center, LCM Diagnostics, and Fort Med offer laboratory home services for blood tests. St. Lukes Medical Center offers tests via drive-thru.

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You can also get home laboratory test services via Lab @ Home PH and the AIDE app.

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