How to Sell Your iPhone in the Second Hand Market

It's always at a loss.
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Selling an iPhone or any smartphone will always come at a loss. As these gadgets are refreshed yearly, they depreciate in value as the release of new models draw near.

Compared to Android smartphones, even the premium ones, iPhones command a relatively higher selling price, as they're refreshed only once a year and Apple has become a master of marketing that iPhones are a status symbol.

Here's what you need to know about selling your iPhone, based on interviews from buyers and sellers:

Sell high: A smooth, iPhone

Keep your device scratch-free as scuffs and dings reduce the value of smartphones so it's best to invest in tempered glass or film protection for the screen and a sturdy case as cracks and signs of drop damage can further diminish its value.

Regularly wipe down your phone outside of the case to avoid discoloration and stains. If you use your phone at the beach, run it under the tap to rinse off sand and salt water that can corrode your device. Just make sure that the model you have is water and dust resistant.

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Don't abuse your phone battery. Those looking to buy second hand will always look at battery capacity in the settings (or in the case of MacBooks, cycle count) as an indication of device health. A 100% capacity or above 95% after a year of use will get a you a better price that say, a device with 88% battery capacity.

There are many schools of thought on battery care, but the basics are don't use cheap cables and plugs as these may not properly control the flow of electricity to your device. Also, avoid draining your battery to zero. Personally, we've gotten 99 to 100% by topping up multiple times in the day instead of one long overnight charge.

Keep your software in top condition. Your device is worth almost nothing if you forget to sign out from your iCloud account or if the iPhone you want to sell is for some reason locked to your Apple ID. Never reset your phone without signing out of your Apple ID first.

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Keep the entire kit. Don't throw away the box, literature and stickers as these add to the iPhone experience. Also, if you have a sturdy cable lying around, avoid using the one in the box as this can either increase the value or stop it from falling further.

Know your phone's product cycle. New iPhones are announced September and go on sale by October. This means that by September 2022, iPhone 13 users looking to upgrade to the iPhone 14 will most likely sell at that time, and due to supply and demand, selling prices will be lower.

Sell high: Negotiate your phone's worth

The easiest way to sell is to go to Greenhills as it's where pre-loved phones find a new home. Keep in mind though that while there are dozens of stalls, the vendors have more or less a working price.

If one vendor agrees to buy your iPhone for P50,000, that will be roughly the same price for the next, unless the vendor is your suki.

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Selling is tough but you can negotiate better if you hand over your phone for trade in as that will give the vendor the chance to make a profit by selling you another device. This is when you play up how smooth your device is and how the iCloud has no issues.

If you feel like you're not getting a fair deal now, don't sell. But that's likely the point that you also decide that you're keeping your device until it dies since waiting another year will only diminish its value, and sharply at that.

You can also sell via Facebook Marketplace or Carousell. As in shopping on Lazada or Shopee, check the buyer ratings. Avoid those with low ratings or are new to the platform. 

Be direct and stick to your bottom price. Ignore lowballers. Try to sweeten the deal by adding accessories like an original case or a magsafe charging pad. 

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Be very clear on the window for returns and the conditions for which it can be made. Say, if the device refuses to power up within 24 hours from purchase, without getting dropped or wet, it can be returned to you. Put it in writing if you can.

Posting on social media will also help as you'll never know when a friend or acquintance is in the market for a second hand phone.

Lastly, consider your buyer's situation. Say you agreed on the price and they ask for P500 off because you're in Novaliches and the buyer is in Alabang, that's reasonable. It will also save your the hassle of starting another conversation.

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