How to Spot a Fake or Tampered COVID-19 Test Result

Faking the test is a crime.
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Without a vaccine, travelers and staycationers will need a negative COVID-19 test result, according to government regulations. As long as you need to move around during the long-running quarantine, you will be required to present either a vaccine card or RT-PCR findings.

The Department of Health continues to receive reports of fake RT-PCR test results, which puts the public at risk. Authorities remind the public that forging swab tests or any other quarantine document is punishable with fines or imprisonment.

To make sure your COVID-19 test result is authentic, you may scan the QR code found in official certificates. If it does not work or a QR code is not present, you may visit this link to check if the issuing laboratory is DOH-licensed. It also releases a list of licensed RT-PCR laboratories on its daily bulletin posted on its official social media accounts.

What makes a fake or tampered test

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A COVID-19 test result is considered fake if:

  • It has results from non-existent patient samples
  • It illegally used headers or templates of COVID-19 testing laboratories
  • It used a different person's specimen in place of their own

A COVID-19 test result is considered tampered if:

  • The positive result was changed to negative and vice versa
  • The diagnostic test used was changed (from antigen test to RT-PCR test and vice versa)
  • The date of swab testing was changed
  • The name of the patient was changed

What to do if the test result is fake

You may report a fake or tampered COVID-19 test result to the nearest police station or the regional PNP-CIDG headquarters with the following details:

  • Copy of the fake or fabricated COVID-19 test result
  • Name and contact details of the person who gave you the fake or fabricated COVID-19 test result
  • Other relevant details

You may also report to the PNP if someone offers services to fake or fabricated a COVID-19 test result. To file a report, you may reach the PNP-CIDG through these numbers: 0977-347-5267 (Globe) or 0951-0593843 (Smart).

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