How to Spot Fake Bioflu, Diatabs, According to the FDA

Counterfeit drugs have been spotted in the market.
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The Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday warned the public againt buying and using conterfeit versions of five drugs in the market, as it gave tips on how to spot fakes.

The regulator said fake versions of these drugs are circulating in the market:

1. Dexamethasone (Decilone Forte) 4 mg tablet with lot no. A022312
2. Phenylephrine HCl / Chlorphenamine Maleate / Paracetamol (Bioflu) 10 mg / 2 mg / 500 mg tablet with lot no. U099126
3. Loperamide (Diatabs) 2 mg capsule with lot no. U650892
4. Loperamide HCl (Lomotil) 2 mg tablet with lot no. 15LMT05
5. Loperamide (Imodium) 2 mg capsule with lot no. 65C-21

The FDA said counterfeit products could harm consumers. It reminded the public to buy medicines from FDA-licensed establishments to ensure quality.

To check if the product is registered with the FDA, visit its verification portal here:

Here's how to spot if the product is fake:

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Decilone Forte



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