GUIDE: Thailand Travel Requirements for Filipinos as of August 2022

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Filipinos planning to visit Thailand can travel easier as the neighboring Southeast Asian nation dropped some restrictions while still ensuring that COVID-19 protocols are observed.

In its  August update, Thailand said it was no longer requiring Thailand Pass registration for all travelers and would only ask for proof of COVID-19 vaccination or COVID-19 test results for the unvaccinated.

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Here are the requirements for Filipinos planning to visit Thailand as of Aug. 1:

Valid passport and travel documents

Since Filipinos can enter Thailand visa-free, only a valid Philippine passport is needed as travel ID.

Filipinos entering Thailand as tourists also need to present a return ticket.

Proof of vaccination or COVID-19 test result

Travelers who are fully vaccinated may bring a copy of their proof of vaccination or show digital proof. 

For the unvaccinated, a pre-depature negative COVID-19 test result is needed taken within 72 hours before their flight. The test may be an RT-PCR or a professional Antigen test kit.

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For children who are unvaccinated but are traveling with a vaccinated adult, a negative COVID-19 test is no longer required.

Travel insurance

A travel insurance is needed when visiting Thailand. While Filipinos can use their own insurance, they can also purchase from an insurance company in Thailand.

Hotel booking or proof of address

Travelers arriving in Thailand need to provide an address where they will stay--whether at a hotel, house, or apartment.


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