How to Turn On Two-Factor Authentication, Avoid Getting Hacked

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With a bulk of transactions and communications happening digitally because of the pandemic, your online accounts are now more at risk of being hacked or tampered with. Strong passwords may be hard to guess, but you need a second wall of defense.

It's gotten easier for hackers over the years to steal passwords and compromise important accounts such as e-mails and mobile banking profiles. On Nov. 2, ABS-CBN News' YouTube channel got hacked and was down for several hours before being restored.

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To combat breaches in security, several platforms, such as Google, have implemented two-step verification so they know it's really you who's trying to access the account.

What is two-step verification process?

Two-step verification involves something you already know—like a password—and something you always have—like your phone—to confirm that it's really you trying to get into your account. Think of it this way: Entering your password gets you through the first door, and confirming your identity at the second door will guarantee passage.

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How does it work?

If you're logging into an account on a new device, the platform will ask you to confirm your identity after entering your password.

This is usually done by confirming on an old device, or receving an e-mail containing a link or code you must click or use. Some may opt to receive texts containing random-generated codes.

How do I activate it?

First, you'll have to open your Google Account.

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In the navigation panel, select Security.

Under “Signing in to Google,” select 2-Step Verification and then Get started. Since we already have it set up we'll just show you how your screen should look.

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You can choose to receive Google prompts on either the Gmail app or Google account, or receive codes via text message or voice call.

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The Google Authenticator app also comes up with codes every few seconds which you can readily use whenever you're logging in. The app is available both for iOS and Android.

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