Huawei Watch 3 Makes the Case for a Smartwatch During Quarantine

Here are our first impressions.
Photo/s: Huawei Philippines/Handout

Do you need a wristwatch when working from home? What more a smartwatch? Two days testing the Huawei Watch 3, It's a yes.

It helped me disconnect without fear of missing out. Away from monitor screen and my phone, the notifications on the watch tell me which messages need a prompt reply. It also helped my run faster in the morning. There's nothing like a heart rate monitor and and average pace counter on your wrist to tell you that you're not exterting enough effort.

I have this watch on loan from Huawei for a couple of weeks and will come out with a full review soon. Here are my first impressions:

  • It looks premium. I got the all black version and I wouldn't mind using this over an Apple Watch ( which I stopped using because it doesn't work with Android). I like how the glass curves into edges of the round watch face. It's like the surface tension effect on the P40 Pro, when a glass is full to the brim with water and is this close to spilling.
  • It feels like wearing nothing. Made of titanium, the Huawei Watch 3 is light without feeling flimsy. The black straps are smooth and sturdy, yes, much like the silicone band on the Apple Watch.
  • It works with Huawei phones, Android phones and iPhones. It's a big deal for those who switch between platforms for work. The Watch 3 runs on Harmony OS, Huawei's own operating system.
  • It last long. On Ultra Power Saving mode, Huawei said the Watch 3 could last an two weeks. During our initial review, the device comfortably crossed the two-day mark with everything turned on -- WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, 75% display brightness -- with power left for a third day.
  • It's easy to use. The crown dial opens the menu, which displays all apps in a grid interface as in the Apple Watch. It pairs on your Huawei phone via QR Code.
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Huawei Watch 3 helps users track their runs. Joel Guinto

The Huawei Watch 3 launched this week along with the Freebuds 4 noise-canceling earphones, the MateView monitor, MateView GT gaming display, MatePad Pro 12.6" tablet and nova 8i smartphone.

Huawei is positioning its devices as part of an ecosystem, with the smartphone as the gateway with eight other gadgets that work seamlessly with it -- earphones, tablet, laptop, smart TV, watch, smart speaker, vehicle terminal and AR/VR glasses. The smartphone plus the eight devices also work with other tools in the IOT or internet of things such as smart lamps.

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It's called 1+8+N, said the Shenzhen-based tech firm.

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