This Smartwatch Built for Fitness Can Last for Days on a Single Charge

Huawei just unwrapped the Watch GT 3.

I haven't recharged the Huawei Watch GT 3 review sample one week since I topped it up, easily making battery life one of sports-centric smart watch's  selling points.

By the time I logged on to the Zoom launch late Monday afternoon, it still had 50% of juice left. That's after daily sunrise runs, twice rebooting and testing it on iOS and Android, fiddling with watch faces, and keeping the screen nice and bright at 80%. It's rated for 14 days with "typical use".

Huawei is positioning the GT 3 for sport and wellness, and we'll the testing these run tracking, heart rate monitoring and workout mode features in the coming days.

Loic Lee, Huawei's product manager for the Watch GT 3, said the goal was for the device to function as a fitness coach on the user's wrist. Huawei improved the sensors on the back of the watch for more accurate readings. An AI algorithm can also plan a running workout based on user data, he said.

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Looks-wise, the matte finish of the watch frame and the numbers on the slim crown make it look like a GPS running watch, easily setting it apart from the Watch 3 that was released earlier this year.

The 46-millimeter display on the Watch GT 3 is also flat, which I prefer, compared to the curved edges of the Watch 3 and the Apple Watch. At 11-millimeters thick and weighing just 42.6 grams, the device is light on the wrist.

The AMOLED 1.43-inch display is sharp and bright, though the raise to wake to check notifications was a bit inconsistent in our initial tests.

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