Imee Marcos Says Her Family 'Back in Style' is a Surprise

It's a new era, late dictator's eldest daughter says.
Photo/s: Sen. Imee Marcos/Facebook

Sen. Imee Marcos on Tuesday said she was surprised that their family is "back in style" with brother Bongbong among the frontrunners in the 2022 presidential elections.

The only son and namesake of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos Sr has been "quietly working all these years," Imee said. The family's record of stealing $10 billion from public coffers and human rights violations have resurfaced during the campaign, for which they refuse to apologize.

Sen. Marcos in earlier comments said martial law was "one million years ago" as she urged the nation to move on from that chapter in history.

"It comes as an enormous surprise, it's a huge windfall. My brother's been working quietly all these years but the truth is, we've been out of fashion for such a long time. We're surprised that we're back in style," she told ANC.

Imee said "so much time has passed" and only history could judge the Marcos family.

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"This is a new era and the only way to fight pandemics, fight climate change and to finally see economic and social development in the Philippines is really to unify."

Marcos Jr. is facing numerous disqualification cases, among them petitions to cancel his candidacy and declare him a nuisance candidate. The Commission on Election junked the petition to declare him a nuisance bet.


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