Apple's iOS 16 is Coming, How Will It Change Your iPhone?

Expect a new lock screen, Bloomberg reports.

Apple will announce iOS 16 in June, giving millions of iPhone and iPad users around the world a glimpse of how the software that runs their beloved devices will change, hopefully for the better.

The newest version of iOS is usually announced in the middle of the year, ahead of its official release later in the year. This gives software developers and public beta testers time to identify bugs that should get fixed before mainstream release.

Eligible devices can update to iOS 16 at around the same time as the launch of the iPhone 14 series as in previous years.

Bloomberg tech journalist Mark Gurman, whom tech enthusiasts and market watchers look to for tips on Apple products wrote about the possible features of iOS 16.

  • A revamped lock screen. This includes a new style of notifications and wallpapers with widget functionalities. The current lock screen has notifications sorted by app and time received and has two shortcuts at the bottom for the flashlight and camera.
  • An always on display. Unlikely at launch, but in "future builds" of iOS 16 according to Gurman. Always on display is a staple on Android, which keeps a faint clock and notification icons on a black screen.
  • Satellite connectivity. This can be used to send emergency texts, when the carrier signal is unavailable.
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What's not coming on iOS 16? A visual redesign on the scale of iOS 7. Expect the icons, widgets and layout to stay mostly the same.

What about the notch-less iPhones? Little is known about how Apple, if at all, will take advantage of the extra real estate at the top of the screen if the pro models of the iPhone 14 remove the notch.

Remember that while Apple shrank the notch in the iPhone 13 from the 12, the change was purely aesthetic and had no additional usefulness.


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