Isko Moreno Rejects 'Political Butterfly' Criticism, Criticizes Independent Rival

Then trains guns on rival running as independent.
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Manila Mayor Isko Moreno said Wednesday he was "not ashamed" of hopping from one political party to another in his road to the presidency, saying his goal was to serve the people.

Moreno is running under Aksyon Demokratiko and before that he was with the National Unity Party, former president Joseph Estrada's Puwersa ng Masa and the Nacionalista Party. He was vice mayor of Manila when Estrada was mayor.

"I don't owe them anything. I'm happy working with them as long as it serves the purpose of serving the people. 'Pag 'di na doon papunta, lumalayo na tayo kaya nga I'm not ashamed of that and I will continue to do the same," Moreno said, when asked to comment on criticism that he's a "political butterfly".

"Una, hindi nila ako ginabayan, kinuha nila ako. Ako um-oo dahil ang laway ko naman nasasanla, um-oo ako," he said.

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Moreno said he would not be the kind of president who would run as an independent despite being part of a political party. He did not specifically mention the Liberal Party head, Vice President Leni Robredo, who is running for president as an independent.

The Manila mayor and the Vice President held unity talks but failed to unite behind a single candidate.

"If they will join and talk about what we can do better for the people, then I'll be with them. But if they will join or want unity dahil gusto gapiin, or dahil galit lang tayo sa pamilyang 'yun o galit lang tayo sa tao na 'yun, 'di ako kasama d'yan," said Moreno.

"Ayoko makisali sa away nila."


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